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Ship's captains, wine country, art exhibitions, falconers, French huntsmen and American cowboys are all subjects that have come within reach of my pen. I am capable of writing travel pieces, reviews, interviews or general features, investigative stories for newspapers or nostalgic tales for magazines, of a few hundred or several thousand words. With experience as a sub-editor and commissioning editor as well as a writer, 
I can produce readable, well-researched and accurate work, to length and in the appropriate style.

Published work

I write for various publications, including Country Life, Horse & Hound, Hounds, The Irish Field, The Chronicle of the Horse and Untacked

To read selected examples of published work, please click on the links below.

Country Life

We did mean to go to sea
Octavia Pollock relives the adventures of the Swallows and Amazons on board the Nancy Blackett, the red-sailed cutter on which Arthur Ransome based the Goblin in his evergreen series of books
Beyond Napa
Octavia Pollock revels in the hidden gems of California's wine country
The great American outdoors
Hollywood focuses in urban life in New York, Washington and, inevitably, Los Angeles, but it's the gorgeously preserved North American wildernesses that should really be the stars, says Octavia Pollock as she gazes up at the night sky above Yosemite National Park
California dreaming
Now it's a world-class city, buyers are vying to own a piece of San Francisco's hot real estate. Octavia Pollock finds out who and what are fuelling this latest gold rush
In the name of the Queen, published in the Diamond Jubilee Collectors' Edition
The life of the nation is woven about with tradition and ceremony, upheld by people across the kingdom who fulfil ancient roles. Octavia Pollock talks to some of the men and women who keep those titles alive today
Sitting on the dock of the bay
Octavia Pollock explores the slightly chilly cultural centre of California and finds that she's left her heart in San Francisco
Getting started in six very British hobbies
Guides to bellringing, birdwatching, dog-training, hedgelaying, smallholding and watercolour painting
Going wild in Wyoming
Octavia Pollock spent several weeks working on the Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming, USA, and understands why guests come for a life-changing experience
The falcon has landed
In a land of horse lords, vodka and homes unchanged for 1,000 years, Octavia Pollock discovers a falcon-breeding project that is conquering hearts and minds
'She's not a museum, she's a living beast'
The 100th commanding officer of HMS Victory on keeping Nelson's warship ship-shape. By Octavia Pollock
Stoop to conquer
Once, England had more falconers than football fans. Octavia Pollock finds the ancient sport is being kept alive by the Northumberland Crow Falcons, hawking on horseback under the vast skies of northern England
Hunting on the edge
For the thrill of a lifetime, follow hounds in Ireland. Octavia Pollock took on the challenge and lived to tell the tale
Master of movement
Octavia Pollock is enthralled by the work of a little-known artist who delighted in capturing speed and muscular power
The tools that time forgot
A little as a few decades ago, these implements were in regular use by housewives and smallholders all over Britain. Can you guess what they were for, asks Octavia Pollock
Lost in sporting legend
Hunting, shooting and fishing equipment may not have changed much fundamentally, but some items that were commonplace have been forgotten. Can you guess what these were for, asks Octavia Pollock

Horse & Hound

Fed up of the wet? Then try this
With floods causing endless problems for hunts across the UK, Octavia Pollock visits three packs in California, where record droughts are a huge concern
Sweeping the seas
The Navy's hunt-class vessels may seek out mines, not prey, but the links between them and the packs they are named after are as strong as ever, discovers Octavia Pollock
Hunting in the blood
The same surnames appear generation after generation in 'Baily's Hunting Directory'. Is hunting addictive, or is it actually in the genes? Octavia Pollock investigates
A holloa of goodbye
Report on Richard Blakeney's last day as huntsman of the East Kent, Kent, by Octavia Pollock
Dinner with Alan Rickman can't compare
Hunt report on the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray, West Sussex, by Octavia Pollock
Where there's a wall, there's a way
Hunt report on the Rockwood Harriers, South Yorkshire, by Octavia Pollock
Jumping for fun
Hunt report on the Staff College and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Draghunt, Berkshire, by Octavia Pollock
Cornish cream
Hunt report on the Western, Cornwall, by Octavia Pollock
John Peel's legacy
Hunt report on the Cumberland Farmers, Cumbria, by Octavia Pollock

The Field

Curves in all the right places
The E-type Jaguar is, perhaps, the world's most beautiful car, still turning heads on its sixth decade as it sets off on the Round Britain Coastal Drive. Written by Octavia Pollock
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