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All my life, I have been interested in an eclectic range of subjects, from the countryside to cars. The following are links to websites I am connected to or of companies and organisations I admire

British rural life

  • Country Life magazine   Click here
  • The Country Life Fair   Click here
  • Country Life Picture Library   Click here
  • Horse & Hound magazine   Click here
  • Countryside Alliance    Click here
  • The CLA Game Fair   Click here
  • Sarah Farnsworth Photographer    Click here
  • Nico Morgan Photography   Click here
  • Countryside Restoration Trust   Click here
  • Campaign to Protect Rural England    Click here
  • Baily's Hunting Directory   Click here

Country-house conservation

  • Historic Houses Association   Click here
  • Georgian Group   Click here
  • National Trust   Click here
  • English Heritage   Click here
  • Royal Oak Foundation   Click here

Countryside companies, products, places and people

  • Once Upon a Table   Click here
  • Wyken Vineyards   Click here
  • Tottering-by-Gently   Click here
  • Augustus Hare   Click here
  • The Vintage Tack Room   Click here
  • The British Pub Channel   Click here
  • At Home in the Country   Click here
  • Zaza Shelley   Click here

San Francisco and America

  • Walt Disney Family Museum   Click here
  • Exploratorium museum of science   Click here
  • Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco   Click here
  • Filoli country house and garden   Click here
  • San Francisco City Guides Walking Tours   Click here
  • National Park Service of America   Click here
  • Bodie Ghost Town, California State Park   Click here
  • Bitterroot Ranch, Wyoming   Click here
  • Equitours, horseback vacations worldwide   Click here

Theatre and music

  • Theatre of Europe   Click here
  • Theater Dogs   Click here
  • San Francisco Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra   Click here
  • San Francisco Ballet   Click here
  • National Theatre   Click here
  • Royal Shakespeare Company   Click here


  • Porter Press International   Click here
  • Hayfisher Productions   Click here
  • Motoring Madam   Click here
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