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I am a writer and editor with experience in both magazine and book publishing. 


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With one foot in San Francisco and the other in the English countryside, I write about travel, rural life, art and architecture, country sports and anything else that attracts my attention. I am drawn to far horizons, and I love the journey itself, whether by horse or horsepower. I like to venture off the beaten path to seek out the unexpected, as it is often the small things that reveal the most about the character of a place.

Enthusiasm for my subjects can sweep me away, but my innate discipline from years as a sub-editor 

keeps me anchored, and I never lose sight of the importance of accuracy and clarity.

I keep an online journal, 'An English Country Girl in California',

and am available for all writing, editing and marketing commissions.

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Octavia at the Silverstone Classic meeting, Northamptonshire, England

Email: octaviapollock@gmail.com 

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